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Metal Roofing has become extremely popular recently because it provides substantial energy savings, unmatched durability and a distinctive look that will last a lifetime.  For a long time the metal roofing market in Central Kentucky left you with one of two choices. Either trust your home to a small-time contractor who learned to “slap metal up” on a local barn or pay some big metal roofer to install a roof at a inflated price and often send the same small-time contractor to do the job.


That led us to build a company that lives up to this simple mission. Our mission is to provide you with the best materials and workmanship available to deliver our customers a quality metal roof that will provide substantial energy savings, unmatched durability and a beautiful, distinctive look built to last a lifetime, all at a fair price.

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    Metal Roofing Installation Lexington Kentucky


    Give your home or business superior protection with a new roof from American Metal Roofing & Shingle. Choose from our shingle, metal, and rubber roof options!

    Gutter Installation Lexington KY

    Gutters & Gutter Guards

    We are your trusted name for residential and commercial gutters. We also install leaf guards to protect your gutters from being clogged by leaves and other debris.

    Residential Siding Installation Lexington Kentucky


    Our professionals install types of siding for commercial and residential properties, such as vinyl, hardy plank-cement, and cedar. Call us today for a free quote!

    Residential Windows and Doors Installations Lexington Kentucky

    Windows & Doors

    Whether you’re building a new home, fitting up an office space or replacing your old windows or doors, let us offer you the superior service and quality you deserve!

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