Is it good for the environment?


Metal roofing is the very greenest choice available for several reasons.

Asphalt and other meterials absorb the heat of the summer sun.  Our metal roofs and the coatings we employ are designed to reflect much of this heat.  Many of our coatings are even Energy-Star® rated.  When you combine these technologies with a porperly installed radiant barrier, you end up with a roof that can lower your heating and cooling costs up to 40%!

Its long life expectancy guarantees sustainability.  Moreover, the ability to install it over most existing roofs (avoiding landfill disposal of old materials) quite likely make it the most environmentally-friendly roof available.

And it is recyclable!  When it finally comes time to discard the your metal roof --it will probably out-live your home--the recycle value will most likely exceed what you paid for your new roof today!